The answers to many common questions can be found in our FAQs. But if you haven’t found the answer you need or if you would like to talk to Cord about representing you, you can schedule a consultation. Your consultation is always with Cord Byrd, not an associate or legal assistant.Your Constitutional rights are too important to leave to chance. There is a lot of misinformation surrounding the safe and legal purchase, use and possession of firearms. The wrong advice can expose you to serious legal consequences including jail time and expensive legal fees. Get the right information before you get in trouble. A consultation fee of $200, for up to 30 minutes, is due prior to speaking with Cord. Follow this link to make payment: Secure Payment Portal

Please complete our Prospective Client Questionnaire in order to provide the necessary information for us to evaluation your situation.

Of course, if you prefer, or if your situation requires immediate attention, don’t hesitate to call the office at (904) 246-2404 or email


A consultation with Cord does not create an attorney-client relationship or guarantee that we can or will represent you, but it allows us to consider your request for assistance. We will keep this information CONFIDENTIAL even if we do not ultimately take your case.

All consultations and all inquiries to this office are reviewed personally by me. If we have a consultation, however, that fact alone does not necessarily mean that I will agree to represent you, as that decision can only be made after speaking with you and hearing all the relevant facts of your case. I will give you my opinion of the merits of your case, and explain the laws that may be involved. Thank you for asking my firm to be of assistance to you.