Firearm Purchase Denials

If you have attempted to purchase a firearm from a licensed dealer and have been denied, you have the right to appeal the denial. In many cases the agencies responsible for conducting the background checks have incorrect information or have confused you with someone else.

If you have been denied the first thing you must do is obtain the NTN number from the licensed dealer, the NTN number is necessary to determine the reason why your purchase was denied. Once you have the NTN number Cord can assist you with the appeal and communicating with the FBI or Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

I have purchased guns from licensed dealers in the past and I am now being denied. Why is this happening?

This is a common scenario and most often occurs with older convictions. The federal government has been paying states to enter old records into the criminal search databases. Now that the records are in an electronic format more and more individuals are being denied. In many instances the records are incorrect or incomplete requiring you to provide accurate information.