Gun Trusts

(NFA & Non-NFA)

Q. What is a NFA Gun Trust?

A. A gun trust is a legal instrument that allows individuals identified in the trust to possess firearms defined in the National Firearms Act (NFA).

Q. What types of weapons are regulated by the NFA?

A. The most common NFA weapons are machine guns and suppressors (aka silencers), but also include rifles with barrels less than 16 inches and shotguns with barrels of less than 18 inches.

Q. What are the advantages to a gun trust?

A. Creating an NFA Gun Trust allows you to possess NFA weapon without going through the Class III permitting process. That means:

  • No Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) certification is required.
  • No fingerprints are required.
  • No picture is required.

In addition, anyone who is identified in the trust as a trustee may possess and use the weapon(s) owned by the trust. You can name beneficiaries and an executor separate from the rest of your estate so that you can rest assured that the weapon(s) will be handled properly and pass to the person(s) you desire upon your death.

There are generic forms available online which purport to be adequate to create an NFA Gun Trust, however, when it comes to actions, which could, if improper (even by mistake) land you and/or your family members in Federal prison, consider whether it is wise to create such a document without adequate legal advice.

When you pay us to create an NFA Gun Trust you get much more than just a document. You get an attorney, who understands Florida and Federal gun laws to walk you through the process and what to expect, including:

  • A detailed interview about your situation, what type of weapons you are seeking to purchase, the roles and responsibilities of the Settlor (you), your Trustees, Beneficiaries and Executor.
  • Counsel to you and, if desired, your Trustees, on the best practices related to possession of the weapon(s) and the Trust documents.
  • Counsel and written guidance to your Executor related to their responsibilities upon termination of the Trust.
  • If you are local, you and your Trustees can come to our office to review and sign the documents and have them notarized.

Call the Law Office of Cord Byrd to discuss your specific gun trust needs as well as cost and fees.