Employment Discrimination Cases involving Firearms and Infringement on Civil Rights

Florida law prohibits an employer from asking an employee if they keep a firearm in their vehicle on company property or requesting to search an employee’s vehicle. If you have a concealed weapons permit you are allowed to keep a firearm in your vehicle on company property with a few narrow exceptions. An employer cannot condition your employment on your agreement not to keep a firearm in your vehicle or refuse to hire you because you have a concealed weapons permit. An employer also cannot terminate your employment or discriminate against you for exercising your constitutional rights. Businesses also cannot discriminate against customers or invitees for keeping firearms in their vehicles on the businesses’ property.

Despite the Legislature’s clear policy favoring the lawful use of firearms, many businesses continue to discriminate against their law abiding customers and employees by having anti-gun policies. Your company cannot have policies in an employee handbook that violate state law. If your rights have been violated by your employer, please contact Cord.