Constructive Possession Guidance

What are the legal rights of a person to own, possess and use firearms, who has not lost their firearms rights, when they are married to, or cohabiting with, someone who has forfeited their right to own, possess and use firearms?

Your rights do not change because you live with a prohibited person. If you wish to keep that person from being illegally in possession, however, you will need to be mindful and careful about how you exercise those rights. The seriousness of a Felon in Possession charge cannot be overstated. Understanding constructive possession is of the utmost importance.

If you are in this situation, call today to schedule a Constructive Possession conference with Cord. In that conference, whether in person or on the phone, he will review your specific situation, educate you on constructive possession vs. actual possession, provide guidance on handling, storage and carrying of a firearm, and follow-up with a written legal opinion.