Relief from Firearms Disability in Marchman Act Case

The Marchman Act is Florida’s Substance Abuse Impairment Act which is intended to get treatment for those who are suffering from an addiction. Going to treatment under the Marchman Act can be voluntary or involuntary, but just like the Baker Act if the admission will be involuntary certain criteria must be met. The Marchman Act is initiated through the court with a petition followed by a hearing. A person committed for treatment under this law can lose their right to keep and bear arms for as long as the order is in place.

A person committed under the Act can seek a judicial remedy by petitioning the court for relief from firearms disability. The Law Office of Cord Byrd prevailed in a recent Marchman Act case and was successful in having a person committed under the Act reclaim their Second Amendment rights.

These cases are fact specific, so if you or someone you know is prohibited from owning or possessing firearms due to a Marchman Act commitment know that your gun rights can be restored and call Cord.