FHP misrepresenting the law to a citizen during a traffic stop

Below are links to a video — the same video — one is on Facebook the other is on YouTube. I suspect it will go viral so I thought you should see it.
The video is of a Florida Highway Patrol trooper in the SW Florida area (between Sarasota and Naples) totally misrepresenting the law to a citizen. At minimum, this appears to be a situation of poor training.
Nothing in Florida law requires law-abiding people to carry their firearms unloaded — much less with the magazines removed — while in their vehicles, and certainly not concealed weapons license holders who are carrying on their persons. That would defeat the purpose of carrying for self-defense.

FHP making up new laws as they please ~ didn't really want to post this as the LEO was very polite but at the same time…

Posted by Sean Williams on Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hat tip to the Unified Sportsmen of Florida for this information.