Employers Violating Florida Gun Laws

Florida Law permits a concealed weapon permit holder to keep a firearm in their vehicle on company property except for a few narrow exceptions. Many company firearms policies are not in compliance with the law.

The following is an excerpt from an employer handbook in a case that is soon to be in litigation;

Associates are not allowed to have firearms, or any other dangerous weapons or instruments, concealed or otherwise, in their possession (including in their vehicles, lockers, personal belongings, etc.) while on Company business, or on Company or client property.”

This policy is illegal. You, as an employee, do not give up your Constitutional rights by merely accepting employment. Your employer’s handbook does not trump or supersede the Constitution. Unfortunately, many employers, including some of the largest employers in the state do not care about the Constitution or your rights. In fact, when this law was being considered, they actively lobbied against law abiding gun owners. Their  attitude is that they will ignore the law and deal with the lawsuits as they come. I can state this with certainty because I have been told this by their legal counsel.

Check your employer’s handbook. If their firearms policy violates the law, the State Attorney General has the authority to investigate and fine the employer or you can be bring a lawsuit against them on your own.  Many people have made the ultimate sacrifice defending our freedoms. Do not be intimidated by your employer and their policies that have a chilling effect on you exercising your Constitutional rights.  If God forbid you are robbed, rapped or otherwise injured going to and from work because you could not defend yourself from an attacker, your employer will not be there to pay for your damages.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions about your employer’s firearms policies.