Dishonorable Discharge and Firearms Ownership

In the wake of the Texas shooting there seems to be confusion about dishonorable discharge from the military and firearms possession. I have been contacted by several people with prior military service about their rights. One of the questions asked on Form 4473 (the federal firearms purchase form) is whether or not the purchaser was dishonorably discharged from the armed services.
There are numerous classifications of discharge, some of the common ones are honorable, general, less than honorable, bad conduct discharge (BCD) and dishonorable.

Only a dishonorable discharge will prevent someone from being able to purchase, own or possess a firearm. ATF states that the federal law regarding dishonorable discharges does not include a BCD.

Please see:

ATF, look at pages 16-18 and 24 here:

And here on page 4:

Florida courts often look to federal decisions and agency interpretations to interpret similar statutes. The Florida Division of Licensing Division and federal law use the terminology, dishonorable discharge, and should interpret the meaning the same.

If you served in the military and were discharged somewhere between honorable and dishonorable and are having difficulty exercising your rights. I have assisted other veterans with this issue and can help you. Please contact me today.