Cord Byrd Represents NRA at Debate on Guns

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Cord Byrd represented the NRA and the Second Amendment at a forum held on the campus of his alma mater, the University of North Florida on Monday night.

From the above news story:

“It’s a conversation that’s going to happen throughout the presidential campaign. And my goal is to have a civil conversation,” NRA member Cord Byrd said.

Byrd is a local attorney, representing the National Rifle Association and he’s pushing for things like allowing guns on college campuses, saying that would prevent the types of mass shootings that have been seen in recent years.

“With every one of these shootings, it takes place on a gun free zone. So one of the laws I think we need to change is to get rid of it. We need to stop advertising to the criminals where the unarmed targets are,” Byrd said.