Cord Byrd Defends Licensed Gun Retailer Against Brady Campaign Attack Lawsuit

The latest tactic employed by the Brady Campaign to deprive law abiding citizens of their Second Amendment Rights is to sue what they call “Bad Apple” gun dealers. Cord Byrd has teamed with Tampa attorney Noel Flasterstein to defend a federally licensed gun dealer who legally sold a firearm that was then used by a criminal to murder two people. The gun dealer was investigated by both the ATF and the local state’s attorney’s office and he was found to have committed no wrong doing in the sale of the firearm.

The aim of the Brady Campaign is to sue small retailers out of business thereby shrinking the options law abiding citizens have when choosing to purchase a firearm. The Brady Campaign brags on its website that it is launching this campaign of lawsuits nationwide. The Law Firm of Cord Byrd, P.A. is always ready to stand in the breech and defend what it believes to be frivolous attacks against your gun rights. Updates regarding the litigation will be posted regularly.

You can read the lawsuit here:

Keep in mind that the allegations made in the Brady lawsuit are just that, mere allegations that are not supported by the facts of the case.