Civil Injunctions for Protection Against Repeat Violence and the Loss of Gun Rights

Civil injunctions for protection against repeat violence, commonly referred to as restraining orders, serve a valid purpose but in many instances are abused by parties seeking to gain an advantage in litigation or to seek revenge. A hearing is held, but all too often the court will issue the injunction with little to no evidence. Consider that for a moment, you can be deprived of your constitutional rights on little more than vague and often false allegations. Making matters worse the injunctions can be made permanent and the court can deprive a respondent of their constitutional right to possess and use firearms FOREVER.

Florida law allows a respondent to petition the court to terminate the injunction and restore the civil rights deprived by the injunction. If you have been deprived of your constitutional right to possess a firearm because of a restraining order contact me to discuss the particulars of case and have your rights restored.