Ban Gun Free Zones

The President says it’s time to politicize the latest criminal act committed by an insane person, so I will play along. The President calls for more laws restricting the rights of law abiding citizens while saying nothing about one change in the law that could actually help prevent or limit the scope of these crimes, ending gun free zones.

Not including the attack yesterday in Oregon, here is a list of mass murder committed in gun free zones over the last eight years resulting in the loss of 105 lives and the wounding of 150 others: Lafayette Grand Theater (July 23)
Chattanooga (July 16),
Fort Hood (April 2, 2014),
DC Navy Yard (September 16, 2013),
Sandy Hook Elementary (December 14, 2012),
Aurora movie theater (July 12, 2012),
Fort Hood (November 5, 2009),
and Virginia Tech (April 16, 2007)

In contrast, here is a list of people and things we protect with guns: the President, Congressman, Governors, judges, celebrities, athletes, jewelry stores, banks, office buildings, etc.
The one group of people we don’t defend with guns, the most precious asset we have, are our children in their schools. When as a nation will we demand an end to the insanity we call gun free zones?

What the advocates of gun free zones will never tell you is that their real end game is repeal of the Second Amendment and confiscation of all guns. In fact, in the Sun Sentinel newspaper, a pretend journalist calls for just that, repeal of the Second Amendment. But let’s engage in this thought experiment, what if tomorrow all legally owned guns in America were gone? Would the gun crimes end? No. Here’s how we know this. The drug war has been going on for more than forty years and yet drugs flowing across our borders are as high as ever. The flood of illegal aliens pouring into the county cannot be stopped. Yet somehow if we just banned guns, all violence would end. This is insane. Banning guns would only create a black market for firearms, a nation where only the criminals and government would have guns, the people left defenseless and true liberty a distant memory.

And what about the liberal utopias of Chicago, Baltimore and St. Louis? These entire cities are in essence gun free zones, but thirteen dead and many more wounded are just a typical weekend.
The world is on fire and it is fifty million Americans who exercise their right to bear arms and are willing to defend liberty that keep our nation and thus the world from descending into total anarchy and chaos.

There are two major forces opposing the complete surrender to progressive socialism, Christianity and the right to keep and bear arms. If the left succeeds in finally destroying both, then the experiment in liberty and freedom we call America will be over.

Since the President never lets a good crisis go to waste, neither should we. It is time to end mass murder empowerment zones a.k.a. gun free zones.