ATF to Use Drones

Testifying before Congress, Attorney General Eric Holder informed Representatives that the ATF will begin using drones in their operations. ATF has already spent $600,000 of taxpayer money exploring how to utilize the technology.

Having dealt with the ATF for more than a decade, I find their use of drones not only redundant and wasteful, as other agencies already employ this technology, but it is also frightening in the potential for abuse. We are witnessing the expansion of the surveillance state which is eroding our Constitutional liberties.

The Constitution is not a buffet from which you get to pick and choose the parts you like and ignore the rest. You either support and defend all of it or none of it, until amended. Defenders of the Second Amendment need to get on board with defending the Fourth Amendment just as passionately and vociferously,  or we will continue down the path we are on to becoming a corporatist surveillance state.