Cord Byrd comes from a family of hunters and firearms enthusiasts. From an early age Cord was taught about hunting, the safe and proper use of firearms and most significantly the importance of the Second Amendment to our continued enjoyment of freedom and liberty.

Cord Byrd Florida Gun Lawyer

Cord is a life-long student of the Constitution and its role in preserving limited government. During law school he was disturbed by the assault on our Second Amendment rights and the growing chorus of certain groups who sought to take this cherished right from us. Cord made up his mind then to combine his lifelong passion for the shooting sports with his legal training to support and defend our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Cord has represented and defended gun owners in the following areas:

  • Second Amendment issues
  • Gun Trusts
  • FFL holder and licensing issues (ATF revocation hearings)
  • Right-to-carry cases
  • Improper civil forfeitures
  • Employment discrimination cases involving firearms and infringement on civil rights
  • Civil rights restoration and restoration of gun rights